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A&M-Central Texas Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with Upcoming Virtual Events

Ask Dr. Sanfrena Britt, Chair of the A&M-Central Texas Council on Diversity and Inclusion how to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month during an on-going pandemic, and don’t be surprised when she’s already figured it out.

“There was no question but that we had to celebrate virtually,” she noted. “But all around us we see our students adapting to the virtual environment and our faculty and staff finding ways to reach out, connect with, and share coursework, so we just followed their lead.”

Dr. Sandra Britt

Turning to the challenge of a virtual environment, Britt decided it was an opportunity, revising the original website for the University’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, planning five separate virtual events, highlighting upcoming speakers, and recruiting University staff and faculty members to join in the conversation.

“We were so excited with the level of support we have received from the University community,” Britt said. “Faculty and staff and students responded with so many creative ideas, our website is now a reflection of that. We are hoping that members of the community will join us for an exciting and engaging series of virtual workshops, presentations, and panel discussions.”

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020 is celebrated from Tuesday, September 15, to Thursday, October 15, and all virtual events are open to the public.

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