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Kevin Roberts: President/CEO at AdventHealth Shares His Perspective on COVID-19

In my 40 years as a registered nurse, nothing compares to what has transpired in 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic.

From community shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders to toilet paper shortages and the shift to virtual learning for our children, to say we have all experienced change seems like a huge understatement. When word of the virus first came to us in January, no one could imagine how different things would look by October. And yet, here we are.

As a healthcare leader in our community, you are probably expecting an article that emphasizes the importance of washing your hands, wearing a mask and maintaining a 6-foot social distance at the grocery store. And all of that is important, especially as we enter the flu season. However, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the positive things I have seen come out of this experience.

The first is Love. There has been a tremendous amount of love shown to our team members over the last several months. I cannot express the gratitude we at AdventHealth have for all the acts of kindness we experienced. Restaurants donating meals, churches coming together to pray on our behalf and community members making masks are just some of the outreach received, and it was greatly appreciated.

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Wayne-Kent A. Bradshaw: The Man Behind Expanding Black Bank Opportunities

Wayne Bradshaw is one of the faces of the first Black-led financial institution with $1.1 billion in assets due to the merger of his Los Angeles-based Broadway Federal Bank and City First Bank of D.C. in Washington.

The announcement of the two banks going into a transformational merger of equals agreement was made in late August. The focus of the merger will be on housing, small businesses and nonprofits.

“If you are providing financing for a small business, you are enabling wealth creation, job creation and economic empowerment through that financing. There’s a multiplier,” said City First chief executive officer Brian Argrett in a Sept. 1 Forbes article.
Argrett will serve as CEO of the newly formed entity, while Bradshaw will become chair of its nine-member board. The shareholder power between the two companies will be 52.5% Broadway and 47.5% City, according to Bradshaw.

“Both companies have their own business strategies, ours is small apartment buildings and Brian does non profits and new market tax credit deals. We both emphasize wholesale vs retail lending and plan to do more with our customers, but new ones are welcome,” Bradshaw told Voices United.

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